Pcw5000 winch

Each technical data sheet contains the model description and detailed specifications. We invite you to use the Product Comparison tool to show different models side by side to help make your decision according to your needs. Below is our complete range of Portable Capstan Winches.

Vår første og mest populære modell! Denne portable vinsjen .

Portable Winch (flyttbar vinsj) er en smidig og lett vinsj med mye kraft som kan brukes til mange arbeidsoppgaver sommer som vinter. Vinsjen drives med 4-takt Honda bensinmotor. Powered by a dependable 2. Found yourself in a jam?

This Portable Capstan Winch includes a collection of specialized forestry accessories. Includes everything for working in the woods: a Portable Capstan Winch with hooks and anchor sling, a 164-ft. Salvage trees, pull in wild game effortlessly, and retrieve vehicles and boat docks.

This article helps you decide which winch is best for you. Our first and most popular model! Visst finns det någon av er där ute som har provat en. Våra bensindriven mobila och bärbara dragvinschar är kompakt och kraftfull och till skillnad från andra vinscha​r.

I have used one of these rigs for close to a year now, and have found it to be, without a doubt, the best power winch arrangement there is. I have used many of the various chainsaw winches (Olin, Lewis, etc.) and there is simply no comparison. Tie the rope to the object needing to be pulled and wind the rope around the capstan drum 3-times. While the engine runs, the drum will rotate continuously and the friction that is generated by the.

Ideal for bringing down hung-up trees, skidding out-of-reach logs, pulling boats out of water, hoisting contruction materials, and pulling electrical cables through conduits just to name a few uses! It can be taken anywhere and is particularly useful for forestry and industrial applications for pulling heavy loads. The Portable Winch can be tethere.

Weighting only kg (lb), this Portable Winch is easily carried and . In addition, you benefit from two speed options with interchangeable capstan drums. Easily carrie anchor to anything using the provided 6. В комплекте лебедка, стропа для закрепления, влагонепроницаемый .

River Roa Richmond British Columbia, Canada V6X 1Y4. It can be anchored to anything from a tree to a 4xvehicle, and can be secured with a length of double braided rope or anchor accessory. The power pack is the ultra reliable Honda 4-stroke GXH-50cc.

The genius of this winch is . This kit is an all-time best seller for the Arborist. I bought this winch with the forestry kit to help me with firewood cutting. Good for bringing down hung-up trees, pulling out-of-reach . Easily reduce the friction of logs on the ground with the skidding cone. Re-direct or double the line, therefore getting the maximum out of each pull.

Бензиновая портативная лебедка Portable Winch , была разработана специально для применения в местах удаленных от цивилизации, в которых людям требуется серьезная работа и нет возможности воспользоваться электрическими . Shop with confidence on eBay!