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I make my videos using MS Paint, Windows Movie Maker and occasionally OBS. Notch listen, I play minecraft ALL goddamn day long. If this your is teacher 4th grade and school you teaches for she can. For $100would you do it?

A class of 1st graders from just outside Boston, MA who want to share their learning with people from around the world!

Brookline, MA United States. So where does your Twitter account stand in comparision to the national Twitter average? Simply take a look at the map to determine if you and your community are above or below the curve and compare your to your Twitter Grade.

Webinar: The Science of Social Media . The New Jersey Devils are celebrating 666K followers on twitter. This is fun because they are the Devils and this is the number of Satan. They decided to thank all the people that follow them, including the NHL Teams.

Michael Nathanson, Senior Research Analyst, MoffettNathanson: Below Average (C- or less).

Although Newsweek did not hear back from Nathanson to give a grade for Dorsey, the veteran media analyst did not mince words about Twitter in his report titled “Hope Is Not a Strategy. Developing great relationships with your Twitter followers has a major impact on driving business success. COO Bio: “ Twitter COO, dad of under insomniac. About a month ago they tweeted a question at my favorite knitting site (yes, I know), who retweeted them. Private messages sent to specific Twitter users in your network (abbreviated DMs).

A tweet sent while under the influence. Drunken tweeting can be amusing for your Twitter stream, but it can have lasting. Combine those numbers along with the explosion of online mobile devices now capable of accessing these services and you have a flattening of communications never before seen since the advent of the printing press, the consumer grade. As a second grade teacher who facilitates a student-centered classroom, I now believe our use of social media is an opportunity for students to partake in the type of learning in which they can.

So, I jumped right in and set up a Twitter account under my name, with the intention of letting the students run it. I list myself under the following three attributes: personal branding,. You can enter your Twitter username and come up with a Twitter grade. Then it gives you a grade from to 10 with 1being the best, of course.

It will also show you how you rank among the Twitter elite in your state or town. You simply need to register and then enter your user name and get your grade. Under the blog section on Tweet Grader, they do a great job of explaining what types of.

I think it was third grade when the information went public. I had a birthday party and my mom said something like. But since his full name is on his passport, Stone says it has led to problems with air travel if his ticket is accidentally booked under “Biz Stone. He may not have looked professional— he had piercings in . Be very suspicious of this viral Twitter story about a professor grading exams on a plane — and the student who found out his grade in a tweet.

After digging around on the history of this account, we can say with a great deal of certainty that until very recently, this account tweeted under at least one . In 2nd grade , I was skiing in Utah and wet my pants! But the best part is it froze on the outside! Waiting for a crescendo in high school band practice to break wind under cover of music.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote back to a letter by a fifth grade student that the company will hold a contest for homemade advertisements.