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Please watch in 720p because then the quality is much better 🙂 Like I sai the aqh was the fastest. Tell me what horse YOU think is the fastest horse in SSO and I will race them to see who IS the fastest 😉 comments. Actually, it just depends on moo level, and tack. How to Get New Horses You can purchase as many additional horses as you want but you can only have as many horses in your stable as you have stalls.

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Which horse is faster for you? Appaloosa, American Quarter Horse , or American Paint Horse ? I found so many things about paints being faster than quarters, but idk about Appaloosas though o-o. Are American Quarter Horses still the Fastest ? The Best Breeds for Racing innlegg 26. Quick Question 😀 innlegg 4. Flere resultater fra ssoforums.

Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden What is the fastest horse on star stable. Enjoy yourself browsing and selecting your horses.

Starter Horses : Here you can see a list of all starter horses (Jorvik Warmblood). Find the horse that is perfect for you! Based on an existing and. It has over million users . Welcome to my StarStable Help Website!

It is very simple and any star stable player can do this. So the trick is just doing the daily races. The maximum level you can get your horse to is level 15. This makes your horse level up.

To see your swiftness, open your character sheet. The fastest method of training your horse involves using the horse trainer, at the price of costing SC. I personally recommend only using the horse trainer for the last levels, because they require the most xp to complete.

The star stable database is your friend. Players are able to chat to friends, and build solid relationships. You start at Moorland Stables, where the player is cheerfully greeted by. They are considered the second fastest horses in the game, the one in first being the Icelandic.

Fjords come in colors.