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You can count on our experience, seasoned management team and proven track record as we design the most effective lifting and offshore crane solutions for your project. NOV `s Hydralift AHC systems can help minimize your subsea operations costs by reducing “down time” caused by severe weather conditions. The AHC systems has been designed for subsea load handling . But how could we build a crane that would do all those things for you, while also meeting our stringent safety requirements? The Pipe Handling Crane provides very safe, precise and efficient handling and lifting sequences where the load pendulum effect has been eliminated.

Understanding and anticipating your needs, building on what we know works and continually pushing our own standards higher has helped us manufacture the safest, most efficient and most reliable OC-L crane series.

We offer you a wide variety of cranes with lifting capacities up to 3tons, providing you with the best . Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting! We manufacture our Telescopic Boom cranes for efficiency and performance. Adding on one or more Telescopic Box Boom sections to a single Box Boom Crane in a space-saving crane with improved outreach, even on a compact crane. Offering you improved deck space and an . No matter where you are in the worl NOV is there to provide the lifting solution you need.

With supply and service centers around the globe, we can provide the perfect product and support where you need it, when you need it. We take pride in delivering superior .

The Post Crane belongs to our line of Heavy Lift Cranes. The crane provides safe operation and high performance. Our record of reliability is a result of ongoing research and development, advanced manufacturing techniques, stringent quality control and over 1years of industry experience.

With a proven history of longevity our economic advantage endures time. The design integrates our years of experience in designing and manufacturing cranes for the offshore construction industry. Our crane design provides you with maximum strength combined with minimum weight. Special attention is paid to the application requirements and to simplicity of design to assure . While the maritime industry is never short of challenges, the depth of our experience and dedication to our customers empower you to meet them head on.

We build upon a legacy of proven equipment to delivery products that are easy to own, operate, and maintain – without sacrificing performance. Cranes and other handling systems with AHC can offer improved landing or lift-off even under adverse weather. The system detects all vessel motions and loads, and automatically provides transitions to other modes, says NOV.

A dozen more Whooping Cranes are one step closer to release in Louisiana! The new cohort is being housed near the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area, where additional Whooping Cranes raised at our headquarters were transferred last . We are in the midst of a very tough period with a drastically reduced activity. FOR 2ST HOISTING CAPACITY, 2X 3HP AC MOTORS,. National Oilwell Varco is a global leader within the sale, design, manufacture and implementation of systems and products for the oil and gas industry.

MAX CONTINUOUS TORQUE 100FT-LBS AT 1RPM. NOV cranes are purpose-built for all segments of the oil and gas industry, as well as many other markets.

The company encompasses a stellar, internationally respected collection of brand names and employs the largest group of crane . Tart, sour, farmhouse ale brewed with Cape Cod cranberries. All TABLE BEER MOSAIC POSITION DANGER! DOUBLE IPA PINK LASERBEAMS CITRA POSITION SAISON RENAUD THREE CRANES WESTING IPA DISTORTION ALPHA FABRICATION DDH SATURATION . Sitting in a Korean shipyar packed and ready to go. All sensible offers will be considered. Offshore Crane Inspector.

Like Liked Unlikex 65T NOV Cranes For Sale. The late migration means whooping cranes are showing up in Texas just as waterfowl and sandhill crane hunting seasons get under way. It is vitally important for sportsmen to review the crane and waterfowl identification guide in the Texas Waterfowl Digest and familiarize themselves with the identifying .