Blair’s 16 million reserve

They are sgined collectors items and are very, very rare. We have one left on the shelf, numbered 882. I have tried this several times and if. Guinness Book World Record Holder!

No more than 9Bottles were made! We are down to the final bottles remaining in our private inventory.

Select Bottle Number from available list when Ordering! Availability: Out Of Stock. SPICIEST aka HOTTEST SUBSTANCE on earth!

Rumor is that a guy put a single crystal of this in an entire pot of tomato soup and served a cup to his wife. I collected hot sauces to use in cooking. We opened a couple but most of them were kept for the . Gift display box is included like all of our reserve bottles. Blair Lazar hand-signs and numbers each bottle and covers it with 2 .

Reserve takes our classic a. It contains only capsaicin crystals, and is the hottest possible capsaicin-based sauce. Attention all collectors and hot heads! Inside this hellish bottle is a 1ml vial packed with pure Capsaicin crystal. This is the ultimate in hot! Only 9bottles will be . Submissions must be verifiable.

Please link directly to a reliable . Would you pay $3for setting your tongue on fire? Believe it or not it is eighty times hotter than the Tabasco sauce and about thirty times than the Red Savina. Quoting Lazar, it would be best to say that a little taste of . He launched free chicken wings dipped in a tasty home-made hot sauce to operate a vehicle away most of the drunkards from.

Why would a hot sauce need a disclaimer? You cannot get any hotter. As one of the comments says, can it legitimately be called a sauce or is it just s. There are people who melt this weapons-grade-spicy substance onto spoons and taste it for fun.

Let’s all agree not to do that at home, ok?

Scoville units – has anyone tried this stuff? My friends and I were drunk in some sports bar years ago. Anyway, we decided to order food. The place we were at specialized in wings.

Produced by Extreme Foods of New Jersey in a limited editio.