Spillers conditioning cubes

Produktene er velegnet for hester og ponnier som har tendenser til å bli heite og stresset på tradisjonelle fôr for muskeloppbygging. Ideal for horses and ponies that tend to be excitable on traditional conditioning feeds. With high rapeseed oil and controlled starch levels, both formulations achieve the desired condition without fizz, whilst a full complement of vitamins and . Some horses and ponies need extra calories and nutrition in order to build and maintain ideal condition.

All the range contain quality protein to provide the . Carefully controlled levels of cereal starch an.

Baileys top line cubes and they sent my horse mental – should i try Spillers conditioning cubes ? Spillers and they say theat theirs have less starch and less digestable energy which makes them better. Horse Feed › Cube Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Spillers – Conditioning Cubes. Improve topline without excitability.

High oil and controlled starch levels help to achieve the desired . Conditioning Cubes contain good quality protein from soya to support muscle tone and topline and soya oil for non- heating calorie. Spillers Conditioning Cubes have high oil and controlled starch levels to help to achieve the desired condition without fizz. The high protein and low-starch formula ensures that your horse will gain muscle without the added excitability that many other conditioners will provide.

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The cubes are ideal for horses and ponies who require additional calories, they help to promote condition without the fizz and contain rapeseed oil as well as vitamins and minerals. Helps to promote condition . New feed trials have shown that out of horse owners saw Spillers conditioning feeds improve condition in their horses in two weeks without causing excitability. Kasvattaa kuntoa ja lihasmassaa ilman ylimääräistä energiaa.

With the Conditioning Cubes you can improve condition in as little as two weeks without excitability. They are ideal for horses and ponies that tend to be excitable on traditional conditioning feeds. Find a wide selection of products from Pegasus at low prices as well as a range of pet toys, foo treats, bedding and more at Amazon. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Contains ideal protein sources to help build topline and support muscle tone. Odkazy na odborné recenze. Kompletní informace k výběru. Cette épingle a été découverte par Ad Verhagen.

Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. For older horses requiring weight gain. SPILLERS SENIOR CONDITIONING MIX.

Ideal for active senior horses, and horses that drop weight in the winter. Small sized particles ensure its easy to chew for horses with poor teeth. Bestil i dag – Hurtig levering 1-dage.

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