Cream legbar egg

They were created by crossing Gold Legbar with White Leghorn and creme-coloured Araucana chicken. This breed is fabulous for backyarders for several reasons. Firstly, their eggs are a beautiful blue. What does your flock need? Why did the chicken cross the Atlantic?

Apparently to lay mountains of pastel eggs.

With its spiky feather crest and its . Since then, they have imported several several new blood lines working with the breed to achieve perfection. Learn more about this amazing heritage chicken breed! Incubating and hatching yourself is a great way to get these blue layers! Cream Legbar chickens are best known for laying beautiful blue eggs.

Colours: Gol Silver and Cream (Standardised UK). Useful to Know: Many Legbars have lost their autosexing qualities. Selection for this quality is . They are super personable and lay a very desireable sky blue to pastel green egg.

I acquired my stock from Greenfire Farms. For those of you who are intereste you can. My girls will reach that age in late October, so it is possible that they will not begin laying until the spring. Find local cream legbar hen classified ads for sale in the UK and Ireland. Buy and sell hassle free with Preloved!

CREAM LEGBAR EGGS , bluer than Ameraucanas. Egg Colour: Pastel Blue. By Paul Bradshaw, Florida. This beautiful British breed has fantastic coloration, a feather crest . First off a cream legbar is exactly that, without going too far into.

You can tell the sex of the chick at the time of hatch and they breed true. They are known for their active foraging and ability to survive in a free-range environment. The roosters are vigilant and protective of the hens.

The hens are good layers of sky blue and green eggs. On the average they each laid 2eggs. I bought her in Nov age weeks and although she. Cream legbar eggs are a pale powder blue eggoften deceptive in their. Candling Eggs on day of incubation – Duration: 3:05.

The Cotswold Legbar was developed by Philip Lee-Woolf in The Cotswolds, years ago, she took the market by storm with her famous pastel coloured eggs.

The Crested cream legbar is an excellent addition to any flock when large, colorful eggs are desired.