Cat 390

The 390F L is built to keep your production numbers up and your owning and operating costs down while giving you all the power, fuel efficiency, and reliability you need to succeed. Minimum Operating Weight. Maximum Operating Weight.

Model, CACERT (ATAAC). Net Power, 5hp, 3kw.

Cooling System Fluid Capacity, 26. Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity, 262. That means more work per unit of fuel for you. When you add in a quiet operator environment that keeps you comfortable and productive, service . CAT 3Piston Pump 12GPM 600PSI has a cylinder and sleeve wear surfaces are hard chrome plated 3stainless steel for maximum durability and abrasion resistance. CATERPILLAR 390DL for sale from dealers, auctions and private inventories.

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Car wash systems, replacement parts and accessories. Online pricing and availability for CAT 3CAT Pump 390. In order to create a machine engineered for the wear, tear and torsion of bulk material handling and scrap recycling applications, Caterpillar engineers married the design facets of two excavators. Color Propst, Floyd (pottery), 1(Cat.

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Shop with confidence on eBay! Экскаваторы большой мощности Cat 390FL: описание, характеристики, фото, цена. Заказать Caterpillar 390FL у официального дилера. Hardox 4on all main contact points.

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Made specifically for Cat 3hydraulic excavators, these buckets keep you working and productive.

EPA Tier Final emissions standards. Packed with new features, the new Cat Excavators deliver the same durability, .