Klikk her for å lese litt om hva vi driver med og hvorfor microtrenching kan være et godt alternativ til graving. The fibre network for OCAD U is part of an overall high capacity Metropolitan Area fibre network composed of several rings that Metro Fibrewerx is deploying in downtown Toronto. Thanks to Alex Smith – President of Connectivitywerx and Metro . Vi tillbyr rådgivning mot kommuner – møtevirksomhet og i samarbeid med . Microtrenching Norge AS.

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The more one learns about microtrenching , the crazier the old way of bringing in optical cable seems. MTT systems licensed microtrenching is a complete system for building fiber networks fast and effective. Solutions like scanning ground for localize existing infrastructure to different refilling products. The theory is that you saw-cut a small slit into a sidewalk or roadway, slip a thin fibre cable into the slit, and then cover it with tar or . Vi er det størst i Norden innenfor vårt fagfelt. There are a number of different microtrenching machines on the market.

These vary depending on the specific application and size of microtrench required. The widths of the blades vary anywhere from as small as 15mm up to 150mm with some machines .

A quick, low-impact deployment metho fiber optic cabling is inserted into a small slot-cut trench without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure. Begun as a pilot program to speed . To investigate the functionality and durability of micro-trenching in cold regions, two micro-trenching technologies were employed and monitored over the . The Ditch Witch MTmicrotrencher offers utility contractors a cost-effective solution for installing fiber-optic cable along paved rights-of-way, helping utility contractors reduce jobsite cost-per-foot when compared to traditional installation methods. With its unique saw blades, the MTcleanly slices through asphalt or. One creative solution that has emerged to dramatically lower the cost of first-mile fiber networks is micro-trenching.

The cost of laying fiber is still the most expensive part of bringing broadband to new places. There is a relatively new construction technique that is worth considering for fiber construction. MTT-system har utvecklat världens mest avancerade metod för förläggning av fiber i vägar och trottoarer. Metoden bygger på microtrenching som byggts vidare till en högt automatiserad metod. Kontakta oss för att veta mer om våra paketlösningar.

Compared to other installation methods, micro-trenching provides minimal disturbance to the community and surrounding environment. Despite the advantages of micro- trenching , . Sandblåsemaskin som rengjør begge fugesidene samtidig uten å virvle opp fyllmassen nederst i sporet – Fordelen er at man slipper å bunnfylle sporet med fugemasse før rengjøring – Erstatter bunnfylling, vasking og tørking – Sparer tid og penger . While fighting for access to utility poles had spawned an epic legal battle, the company and city officials are finding satisfaction with a method known as “ microtrenching. Learn about micro-trenching the Distributed Antenna System installation services of Geo-Path.