Lohmann brown

Production Feed conversion. Eggs Mass per Hen Housed. Lohmann Brown Classic The Lohmann Brown -Classic hen is recommended for brown layers.

These robust birds are at home in many markets in the world and display a productive laying performance of attractive brown eggs. This hen is suitable for a variety of management systems.

It is of hybrid origin, and selectively bred from New Hampshires and other brown egg laying breeds. Lohmann Tierzucht has developed a unique range of layer strains to suit various production systems and market . They are a very inquisitive . Life Expectancy: years with about years of good laying. Selection for nesting behaviour and good temperament enables . Egg Mass per Hen Housed.

Point of lay Lohman Brown chickens lay 3brown eggs per year. A popular chicken, great with children and very placid.

Efficient production of large eggs. Besides keeping our established flock. Look forward to your replies. EXTRA are the ideal white and brown layers.

To achieve optimal production , it is essential to make full use of the Lohmann. The aim of this manual is to draw the attention of the practical stockman to the more important points which, if . Find local lohmann brown chickens classified ads in the UK and Ireland. Buy and sell hassle free with Preloved! Die robusten Tiere sind in vielen Märkten der Welt zuhause und zeigen eine sehr ergiebige Legeleistung an attraktiv braunen Eiern. Auch diese Henne ist für die alternative Haltung hervorragend geeignet.

Feed intake is less than our other pullets (except the leghorn) as they have a slightly lower bodyweight. Layers ( Lohman Brown Classic). Average body weight at weeks: 1. Cette poule est appropriée à tout système de production. Télécharger la fiche brown classic . Aspectos como el sexaje, el conteo, la selección y la .