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Hovedkvarter: 22nd Regiment – Credenhill, Hereford. Special Air Service ( SAS ) er en spesialstyrke i den britiske hæren. The unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter- terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue.

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RAF Credenhill, also known as RAF Hereford , was a non-flying station of the Royal Air Force situated in the village of Credenhill near Hereford , United Kingdom. The site was subsequently obtained by the . With the SAS based nearby, this picturesque city has a long military history. The hand-picked troops who serve in The Regiment have had to pass a selection process that is legendarily tough. They are trained to tackle anything from counter-terrorism to covert operations . THE Duke of Cambridge met SAS soldiers and veterans at a ceremony to dedicate a £million memorial to their regiment inside Hereford Cathedral today.

This spectacular memorial to the SAS regiment at Hereford Cathedral welcomes those seeking reflection, pilgrimage and worship. Find out more at VisitEngland.

The base, at Credenhill, Herefordshire , is even marked as “British SAS ” on the website and offers users a detailed 1degree view of the perimeter fence. Before the move, the MIoffices were shown to prospective new . An aerial view of the main base of the SAS near Hereford. No proposal to close the road is expected to be . For just over years this quiet English town, not far from the border with Wales, has played host to the 22nd Regiment of the SAS. The SAS was re-established in . Stationed in Credenhill, Hereford , with the SAS , the new unit is small with around ninety operators, but unlike the other Special Forces units, SRR trains both men and women.

The role of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, as its name . After the usual round of parties it was back to Oman, where the SAS continued the existing policy of hearts and minds, but now with a twist. Under the old Sultan, football had been banned but now the men played endless games with the local boys. One team was always Hereford and the other always Newcastle. The novice SAS soldier is given the rank of trooper — equivalent to private — regardless of his rank in his parent regiment. However, the soldiers do not suffer financially: they usually receive the pay of a rank above their pre- SAS status and a special forces bonus of several pounds a day.

If they leave Hereford they are . The warning follows the disclosure that at least four members of the Hereford – based force have been infected with STDs after having sex with the same woman. SAS top brass now believe the two women may have been infected by a member of the regiment following a one-night-stand.