Growing chilli indoors

You can grow your chili pepper plants inside , and many people have been successful doing this for years. Not every type of chili pepper plant will be as successful as others, but you do have options. Smaller chili pepper plants , like ornamentals, will grow more effectively indoors as they do not require as . For the best and hottest chillies , start sowing indoors as early as January – the hottest varieties often need the longest growing period.

Just one or two plants will give you a constant supply of fresh chili fruits for a good few months. Learn how to grow chili plants indoors!

Hot peppers (Capsicum annuum) add heat to your cooking and decorate your home with their bright fruits. Getting the tiny seeds to germinate can be challenging, but once they start sprouting, they are relatively easy to maintain. Select clean plastic pots or grow trays to start your pepper plants. Avoid pots containing peat, . Growing chillies from seed is easy.

To purchase chilli seeds go to the chilli seeds page. How-To videos on germination, watering, feeding and more can be found here and our FAQ sheet can be . One plant will often give you a hundred chillies or more.

By mid-May it should be warm enough to put the plants outside, in a sheltere sunny spot. The hottest and more unusual varieties, such as the habanero, take longer to ripen. In Britain they grow chillies , while the Spanish call them chiles and in the States chili con carne is a Southwestern staple. However you spell their name, chilies are delicious and beautiful and can be grown indoors under LED grow lights. I want to grow peppers under lights how do I get started?

Generally speaking, growing peppers under lights can be divided into categories. Chillies, chilis, chiles! First is the person who just wants to get a headstart on the growing season, or wants to try the more exotic seeds unavailable locally. Home grown chilli peppers have excellent colour, texture and flavour, including many shapes and colours not readily available in shops.

Because they are warm region perennials, chili peppers can also be brought inside when the weather starts to turn. Provided they get the right amount of nutrients and sunlight, many of them will grow indoors. They also stimulate the . A step by step guide to growing your own chilli plants.

Advice, tips and tutorials to help you grow your own chillies. Nevermind the different spellings, there are even more shapes, sizes and colours!