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The first starting point is that the performance of the DIVERTO QS1must be very competitive to standard single purpose platforms. Secon there must be synergy between the four main functions of the DIVERTO QS1: Excavator, Loader, Tractor and Mower. Every component installed is used in all of its four applications . Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden now more Than ever, lanDScaPerS are DemanDing faST anD efficienT low coST baSe SoluTionS.

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Magnússon (Managing Director). Hei, har sett på en traktor som heter diverto qs 1og lurer på om noen av dere vet hvor det er mulig og kjøpe den og hvor mye den koster ca. Traktor, gravemaskin og hjullaster i ett. Denne traktoren er produsert i Nederland. Det er ingen som er forhandler . With many different attachments available, this one relatively small machine can handle just about every job you can throw at it.

Dutch company, Diverto , prides itself . The Diverto QS 1can operate as an excavator,loader, tractor, boom mower and wood chipper.

You can also operate it remotely if need be. Diverto puts loads of diversity into the multipurpose QS100. The QS1is a one- machine fleet, offering contractors a tractor, an excavator, a loader, and a boom mower — all in one. Diverto QS1- a new take on a multi function duck Innovations and New Technology. Bobcat, Hydrema, Merlo, Manitou etc have all made similar attempts at Jack machines before, and I . Difference between new price and resale value over years.

Since then, it has been testing, certifying and preparing for series production, and has now delivered its first . Video: A machine that can act as a tractor, digger and loading shovel. Work tasks in urban areas, such as municipalities, in landscape architecture or forestry, are manifold and highly varied. Verges have to be mowe trenches excavated and in winter snow ploughed.

Based on a well thought-through concept, the Diverto QS 1is aimed at presenting the possibility of fulfilling all these tasks . DIVERTO QS 1you are also rethinking how to cope with your fixed and variable cost , and using your resources efficiently. Ještě nemám info,o ceně,servisu,kde se to vubec vyrábí. Diese wurden für ein Jahr. Imagine transforming a dedicated excavator boom geometry into a 1 wheel loader geometry in just seconds.

SECONDS That is exactly what you get with a DIVERTO QS 100. PATENTED Triple patented by DIVERTO.

Der QS1von Iverto wechselt fließend vom Radlader-Betrieb in den Baggermodus – und wieder zurück. Meanwhile, the economy continued to fade and the emission requirements were further tightened. For Huissoon in itself no objection, but it meant an additional adjustment. Der Markt bietet bis zu 2verschiedene Arten von Werkzeugen, die Sie mit dem DIVERTO QS 1verwenden können. Die Kosteneinsparungen, die gemacht werden können, beziehen sich nicht nur direkt auf die operationsbezogene Nutzung von Geräten, Personal und Wartung.

Man betrachte die Effizienz in allen. Varför köpa tre maskiner när det räcker med en traktor som är en hjullastare som kan vecklas ut till en grävmaskin? Multimaskinen Diverto ska vara anläggningsbranschens egen schweiziska armékniv.