Crocus vernus

Its cultivars and those of Crocus flavus (Dutch Crocus) are used as ornamental plants. The Dutch Crocusses are larger than the other cultivated crocus species (e.g., Crocus chrysanthus). Dutch crocus is one of the hardiest, if not the hardiest, crocus species readily available to home gardeners.

A true harbinger of spring, it can be planted in borders, rock gardens, and even lawns. After flowering, the foliage must be left intact until it withers, which may cause lawn-mower anxiety in some gardeners.

Its flowers are larger than any other of the crocuses, hence its common names of large flowering crocus or giant crocus. They range from yellow, white and purple to striped or bronze. Extremely vigorous , long-lived and appropriate for naturalizing, this crocus belongs to the Crocus vernus group, known for its flowers that are larger than any other of the crocuses. Dette ​er en blindpasssjer.

Iridaceae – sverdliljefamilien. Nå sprer den seg i pionbedet, og det får den lov til. Det fulgte med en blindpassasjer til, en maria nøklebånd (Primula veris). Den må jeg være strengere .

Crocus vernus Remembrance has royal purple flowers that will bring your garden beautiful early spring color. A good companion for early Daffodils, Crocus Remembrance typically grows to 4-6” tall. Crocus will naturalize in the garden and are ideal for forc. Pickwick Dutch Crocus Bulbs has striking purple feathering (stripes) on lavender petals, making it the talk of the garden. These giant spring Crocus , are excellent companions for early blooming Daffodils.

Many popular hybrids of this crocus have been developed over the years. Crocus vernus is an early spring blooming bulb (actually a corm) that is primarily native to high alpine areas in Europe (Pyrenees, Alps and Carpathians). Species plants and hybrids are commonly called Dutch crocus, large flowering crocus, giant . Список синонимов и русских названий, коллекция изображений, описание характерных свойств и ключевых признаков Crocus vernus. Шафран весенний, Крокус белоцветковый, Крокус весенний, Шафран белоцветковый. The flower opens in response to sunlight and closes when the sun sets or on dark, overcast days.

Grand Maître is rich sea lavender-violet with a silvery sheen, paler margins and orange anthers. Drifts en masse are spectacular in garden and pathside . Pickwick is the most popular large flowering crocus, with purple and white striped flowers. Plant along walkways or in your lawn for amazing early spring color. They are hardy and easy to naturalize plants that pop up at the beginning .

Some of these forms have been grown under different names but are now included under the umbrella of the Crocus vernus complex. Growing Crocus, spring-blooming species and Crocus vernus hybrids. There are types of spring-blooming Crocuses—the species and the hybrids, which are generally listed as selections of C. The former are notable for their unusual coloration, . Rhizome tuber-like, tuber 10–mm long. Leaves and flower straight from the tuber.

This page is in progress . Flowering time: April–May. Large flowering crocus with two different shades of pale blue.