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We went to PonyCon, the annual convention dedicated to celebrating My Little Pony , in downtown Brooklyn. The film, funded through crowd-sourcing via Kickstarter, was originally . Meet-bronies-New-documentary-reveals. Lignende Oversett denne siden 16.

The real magic they found in a kids cartoon.

A brony is a fan of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic that is outside the target demographic of little girls. This weeken they will join families in theaters to watch the newly released “ My Little Pony : The Movie,” and among their ranks, there will be women — women who . MLP fanfictions are allowed on this a, as long as it does not contain anything gore and non-acceptable language. If your fanfic contains that, then you should post it on the MLP Fan Labor a. When My Little Pony : The Movie lands in cinemas this October, producers Hasbro will be hoping that the animation proves popular with its target audience of young girls. Made up predominantly of young . Most kids loved My Little Ponies when they were little – they were pastel and they were ponies so, really, it was inevitable.

Of course, we all eventually grew out.

This aggressively caring phrase is from the brony community, a growing group of adult My Little Pony fans. I like to think of bronies as rebels. A new documentary on Logo goes into the unconventional world of bronies , and reveals the extreme bigotry these My Little Pony fans face.

Rimelig innramming, rask levering og garanti om 1 kundetilfredshet. Why are these grown men and women attracted to a cartoon intended for little girls? Each day, out-of-work computer programmer Luke Allen self-medicates by watching animated ponies have magical adventures. They could be any other group of 20-somethings walking around Bristol but if . Brony” is an Internet slang term used to describe a teenage or adult male fan of the TV cartoon series My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic ( MLP :FiM).

If your first response is to pass them off as oddballs, then prepare to be judged for conforming. There were 1different sessions involving topics like fan fiction, art, and the My Little Pony card game, along with presentations from producers, writers, musicians, and voice actors from the show. Contests included from cosplay, or dressing up as favorite characters, card games, and video games. Ponybezogene Audios, Musik und Videos gehören hier rein.

Allgemeiner Pony-Video Th. Forum enthält neue Beiträge. Gameloft My Little Pony S. Every day, more friendships are born, more struggles are overcome, and more unshakeable bonds are formed.

For each brony, there’s another unique journey and another story to be told.

This documentary anthology uncovers more of the compelling experiences undertaken by the . A fan of the show My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic. Often male, but female fans are not uncommon. Titulky k MLP : FiM a diskuze k nim. My little pony for iOS, A. Bronies are a vast, diverse subculture.

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