Big muskie

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In its heyday the behemoth digger moved twice as much earth as was removed for the construction of the Panama Canal. Can you imagine a machine that is taller than a story building and as wide as an eight lane highway?

The machine was big in every way and stood tall and majestic even when seen miles in the distance. Several choices were available to them, they could build several small machines to uncover the coal, or they could build one large machine. It has even been featured on the History Channel! Its volume is equal to that of a twelve . To get to the attraction, you have to drive along very twisty roads on Route about miles from I-77.

For those that have visited the site, they can attest to the size of this single piece of mining equipment that was once part of a gigantic coal mining operation that stripped veins of coal that was about 1- 2feet . Vertailun vuoksi kerrottakoon, että maailman . The Bucket weighs 460pounds empty and carried an additional 640pounds when loaded.

The reclaimed land offers opportunities to hunt, fish, hike, mountain bike and horseback ride. Home About us Images Library Slideshows Visit us Back. Click the images for other Slide shows.

Hinterland families Tobaco growing Wireless. Earth than was moved during the entire construction of the Panama Canal. Known as a clusterfuck in most other parts of the country. Central Ohio slang for a fucked up situation.

This summer I learned there are many exciting, educational things to see in Ohio. I was speechless when I stood inside it. Lots of history of mining and they have an enormous mining bucket that you can walk in. The 12-story behemoth of a strip-mining machine has rested for eight years surrounded by a steel fence on Muskingum Mine land in . Chasing the dream of a big muskie on Green Bay with Capt. Kevin Pischke, still chasing and dreaming.

Our lake of choice was Lake St. It had started off being quite a c. Muskies on shallow structure don’t roam as much as those in open water.

Big baits catch big fish. Trophy hunters sometimes work on the same muskie for months before they finally catch it. By the end of the month. And what a bucket it was. With a maximum width of feet and length of .