Belgium blue

It may also be known as the Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique. WseH479iOMLignende 11. Lastet opp av Epic Wildlife Super Cow on Steroids? This well-muscled beast originated from northern and central Belgium on mainland Europe, possibly from a mix of Shorthorn and Charolais.

The Barry Bonds of Bulls?

They simply have very good genes! Article contains images, videos and interesting facts about this man-made monstrosity. As the name implies, Belgian Blue cattle originated in central and upper Belgium. During the second half of the 19th Century Shorthorn bulls were exported from the UK to Belgium to improve the native population which was primarily of the dairy type (red-pied and black-pied cattle).

Some sources also cite the introduction of . Learn more about this interesting cow breed here. For Sale: Angus Cross, . Specifically, the Belgian Blue.

Belgian Blue cattle as they exist today are the result of selective genetic breeding and development conducted in Belgium by Professor Hanset at the AI Center in the Province of . of the Australian Belgian Blue Cattle Society with details of pedigree Australian Belgian Blue Cattle Breeders, Clubs and contacts. Bio Raza Duke, Picture available, $15. MT-Royal Fontan Pastir-ET, Picture available, $15. NB Boreas, Picture available, Sold Out. Vif Argent, Picture available, Sold Out.

Natural lean beef meat sales and lean beef recipes. Mail order delivered throughout the USA. SAMEN has been a trendsetter for Belgian Blue dairy crossbreeding bulls for years now. By selecting from the right cow families, K. SAMEN is able to provide their clients with the best Belgian Blue crossbreeding bulls in the world. This is reflected not only in our home markets.

Many distributers around the world have . Click here for articles of interest! Our own Erin Patterson placed 1st and won Grand Champion with her American Blue market beef carcass at her county fair in Gilman Ok. Emergence and Selection of the Belgian Blue Breed. Rue des Champs Elysées, 4.

In honour of the Danish B. Herd-Book at the occasion of its 25th anniversary . Fully Tested Belgian Blue Bulls. ROSEMOUNT GIGA ET (AGY). EVERGREEN CHESTNUT ET (EVG). SAUVEUR DE MONIN CHAPELLE (SEU). BALLYFIN DESPERADO ET ( BZP).

However, similar to the Holstein breed or Aberdeen Angus, one can see red coloured Belgian Blue animals – individuals with red factor. It is not too widesprea as in Belgium are not such colored animals entered into the Herd- Book. Enrolled may be carriers of the gene, and thus between the current holder of breeding bulls . Irish Belgian Blue Cattle Society, Rathnure, Wexfor Ireland.

This page is for admirers of Belgian Blue Cattle. Pedigree and Commercial. Sarcopenia, myostatin, and Belgian blue bulls.

When used in crossbreeding programs of other dairy or beef breeds, it increases carcass yield from to compared to the maternal . COLOSSE ET des Tourelles. Belgian Blue Beef is famous for its impressive muscling which is commonly referred to as “double muscling.