Apetor on thin ice

The Water is cold or not ? Is it not cold for you ? Or the Vodka makes you feeling its warm ? I was skating on thin ice , it was 14F and it was dark and I had plenty of clothes on. After some time I suddenly went through the ice, the ice was suddenly thinner, that can happen. As I sai I was aware that the ice was thin in general, so I had my ice picks in my hands.

Because of the clothing I was heavy in . Things that are bad ideas: skating on thin ice , jumping naked into freezing water, operating a chainsaw after several swigs of vodka. I wanted to meet the man behind this video, and others like it. Eventually, after weeks of trawling the internet, I tracked him . On Thin Ice (.com). But otherwise this was a bit tame compared with other apetor movies. Me skating on thin ice in Norway.

Tor Eckhoff is a 51-year-old Norwegian man who is known for sharing videos of himself engaging in extreme. Hello from Russia 🙂 How are you?

On thin sea ice=sea water ice. You very interesting person) You are make beautiful video! Norwegian Man Shares Christmas Video of Himself Drinking Vodka and Skating on Thin Ice. At first I was judging him a little, and then I realized that if I had a bottle of vodka, and a frozen lake in my backyard I would be doing the same thing.

He hops in and out of the water like a seal. Apetor is by far my favourite r. Waiting for his winter uploads is a joy . Filmed in Sandefjord and Andebu in Norway. Ice skating and shit in NORWAY. Med dette er han trolig landets største.

Denne videoen fra innsjøen i . Shot with Canon Legria HF swith wideconverter x7. PelleK synger over tre oktaver og lager Power Metal versjoner av kjente sanger. Enjoy watching and downloading your chosen video below.

A rock, little islan in the lake. Skrim in Norway, Dec 29.