Zetor restaurant

A spot of the countryside in the middle of Helsinki! What would be a better place to enjoy a meal or have a drink or few than around long rustic tables and among tractors. The food and drinks menus are full of Finnish spirit: well-known classics and country-inspired specialties.

Zetor is open every day from noon till the wee . Big portions of Finnish home cooking.

A charmingly decorated restaurant in Helsinki with an interesting menu and delicious food. The atmosphere is nice but if you struggle with your back ask for a chair with back support. I sat on a bench with no back support the whole evening and it was not so good at the end. The only negative I can say is that it took some. Even supermarket shopping holds joy and excitement for me.

I could stroll the aisles of a supermarket, especially in overseas countries, picking up item after item and not get bored. So when I came upon a tractor selling restaurant I was .

Zetor i Helsinki, anmeldelser skrevet av ekte mennesker. Mutta se jotenkin kuuluu juttuun – Zetor on brändäytynyt viralliseksi junttipaikaksi, joten kukaan ei katso kieroon jos siellä lähtee vähän keulimaan. Illasta täällä tuntuu usein muodostuvan sellainen nice restaurants gone wild -tyylinen kokonaisuus.

Zetor When I knew i would be going to Finlan I asked a couple people I know near Helsinki for restaurant suggestions for my one night there. RU: Финляндия, Хельсинки, Restaurant Zetor. Ravintola Zetor , Helsinki, Finland. Restaurant Zetor has a TripExpert Score of based on expert reviews in travel guides, magazines, and newspapers. Get professional advice and read full.

Find review on Restaurant Zetor Helsinki, Finland restaurant on Trip by Skyscanner. This farm themed restaurant serves good F. Their menu includes traditional Finnish dishes. Their interior design seems like Finnish countryside. All restaurants on a map!

Opening hours, reviews, table reservation, ordering, gift cards. Great Finnish restaurant with delicious food. I had blini with mushroom salad and smoked reindeer mousse, with some strawberry wine.

The decor is rustic with lots of tractors. According to our tour guide the name Zetor means tractor.