Mercedes Benz UNIMOG Off Road Extreme 4×4. If You Liked the Video, Please. Most off-road vehicles have crawl ratios—extra gearing to increase forward thrust —between and about 100. That means two things: unstoppable crawling power, and a hilariously low top speed.

Admittedly, a tricky one. Its Tonka Truck looks are a mere hint at the capabilities this beast has.

It can be a snow plough, a hay baler, a lawn mower, a fire engine, a pothole repair vehicle and even work on railways if you install the right optional extras. Then as now: a remarkable all-rounder. See one in the middle of London and it will freak you out. Seeing one in a quarry or a forest is perfectly natural. Unimogs are all about context.

Only ever sold in the U. The high-tech design features working steering, 4-wheel drive and . Our expertise and experience gives us an edge when taking on any project.

We specialize in both Diesel and Gas Models. We currently have about a parts availability for the 404. We are slowly adding our parts inventory to our new . Make your Serengeti excursion even more personalized and intimate. It redefines versatility and viability on four wheels. With its attachment and . The former Governator, who is known to favor military-inspired rides like the Hummer Hand his personal MPatton Tank, reportedly sold the vehicle directly to . Fabrication took place in the . Når veien slutter, kan ikke transporten bare stoppe opp: Både bønder og entreprenører trenger på grunn av stadig økende kostnadspress og større områder, raske og effektive transportløsninger.

Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Nowhere are the requirements for maintaining roads and grounds so diverse as in cities and municipal areas. Check our our current inventory of trucks for sale.

Welcome to the UNIMOGCENTER! Import – Outfitting – Expeditions – Off-Road Training. German infrastructure went through a critical rebuilding phase following World War 2. While its arms producing sectors were held in check, more civilian-minded endeavors were undertaken to shore up economic shortfalls.