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Hilly cities normally have a low share of cycling. Trondheim is the first city in the world with a lift specifically designed for cyclists. The bicycle lift , developed in Trondheim , goes up the steep hill at Brubakken near Gamle Bybro, and it takes you from the bridge and almost all the way up to the Kristiansten Fort. For test-runs, you need a lift card and a bike.

Trondheim of Norway is the first and only city in the world with a lift specifically designed for cyclists. Cycling is wonderful way to.

Scandinavia, always ahead of the bike infrastructure curve, has something else to share: a self-service cycle lift for hilly roads. The CycloCable bike escalator, invented by Jarle Wanvik to help cyclists and scooter users easily negotiate a steep hill in Trondheim , Norway, is revolutionising urban transport. Luckily, the Norwegian city of Trondheim has.

As it turns this instal – Berlin on Bike. Old Town Bridge: Bike Lift – See 8traveler reviews, 3candid photos, and great deals for Trondheim , Norway, at TripAdvisor. Trondheim was the first city in the world to have a lift specially designed for cyclists. No post about cycling in Trondheim would be anything like complete without mentioning the bicycle lift.

Curious about what a bicycle lift looks like?

Trampe helps cyclist up the steep . This one goes out to all the city cyclists who have pulled up to the bottom of a steep-ass hill with three words echoing through their head: Oh. The Norwegian city of Trondheim built a special bike – lift that gives folks with wheels a free ride, no pedaling required. A bike incline lifts cyclists, astride their bicycle , up a hill atthree to four mph. The lift runs along the curbs: riders leave one foot on a pedal and the other on afoot plate that moves smoothly up the hill.

Users buy keycards, just like subway cards. Only two such bike inclines exist. The first and original lift is in Trondheim , Norway, . The lift takes you up the steep hill from Bakklandet toward the Kristiansten Fortress. You remain seated on your bike while one foot is placed on the lift , which is started by using a key car available at the tourist office by the main square or at the café Dromedar Kaffebar by the lift.

Events The city of Trondheim arranges many . See more ideas about Trondheim norway, Bike lift and Bicycle. The mayor of North Vancouver paid his own way to test out a unique bike lift in Norway, and hopes it may work in his city. Mussatto told a crow Watch out, I might fall off, . These people respect the bikers and the show it in every way the can This man is there and he demonstrates.

Trondheim , that calls itself the Bike Capital of Norway, has re-opened its famous CycloCable. This innovative and clever piece of infrastructure is a self-service bicycle lift for hilly roads comparable to a ski lift.