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Create mixes in seconds with TRAKTOR DJ for iOS. Touch and manipulate music as waveforms on your iOS device using hand gestures you already know. Auto tempo detection makes track syncing effortless whileintegration turns your library into a virtual . TRAKTOR is the name trusted by countless professionals worldwide – pro DJ software built to move dancefloors.

Dive into the industry-leading DJ software – TRAKTOR PRO delivers up to four virtual decks, over studio-quality effects and brings to life a wealth of TRAKTOR hardware designed for pro performance. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Flagship DJ software with four decks and a stunning range of creative features for maximum freedom in DJing.

Touch your tracks and create stunning mixes in seconds. Incredibly well designed and packed with great features. The Guardian) Traktor DJ brings real DJ tools to the masses.

TRAKTOR DJ содержит только самые основные функции и поддерживает ограниченное число эффектов. Но зато программа очень проста в использовании: она не требует знаний и навыков работы в TRAKTOR PRO, а запутаться в интерфейсе просто невозможно. Начать использовать программу может . DJ Shiftee hits the streets of Berlin to showcase his mind-blowing mastery of Traktor DJ. Last year it was the multi-colored hint at what would eventually become the Traktor Kontrol F their grid-based controller.

This year it was simply Richie Hawtin holding an iPad.

Его просто вас там, что делает толпа паз. Native Instruments Traktor DJ для Ipad является мощным в самом деле! В этом Hollin Джонса акций. Review and video talkthrough of the brand-new Traktor DJ iPad app. Лекция предназначена для начинающих ди-джеев и для тех, кто хочет повысить свой уровень знаний по сведению композиций в программе Traktor Pro.

Статья написана под руководством DJRickStalker, сенсея по дисциплине DJ -ing, Школы ди-джеев и электронной музыки “SoundLovers”. Conceived by the same team behind the desktop Traktor , the touchscreen-centric approach brings a new perspective to the entire experience, including everything from navigating your music library to adding . Shop online with Next Day Delivery and Finance. The areas where it strays from the traditional . The thing about DJ decks apps is, well, they tend to look like DJ decks. The company has released Traktor DJ , an iPad app based . Traktor was first introduced over years ago, and since then, it has become an institution when it comes to digital DJing. The impact the software has had on the DJ scene as well as shaping the trends and developments is both undeniable and impressive.

Looking back at the development of Traktor.