Sushi bar

Her kan du bestille take away fra vår nettbutikk, bestille bord på vår online bordbestilling eller registrere deg som firmakunde. På nettbutikken kan du bestille take away for henting i restauranten, eller velge utkjøring av maten hjem til deg. Ресторан японской кухни в Одессе.

Customers are free to download and save . Da Sashimi (pcs) $39. Kingston Sashimi (pcs) $60.

Блюда японской кухни с доставкой по Одессе. The sushi is made on site by a skilled chef – no excess rice or fillers, just good sushi. I highly recommend the Orlando roll, Pomy roll and Fried Rice. Bar Sashimi (pcs) $20. Dalila roll is also delicious and includes guava.

Staff is always friendly! Great place for takeout. Sushi bar offers a variety of both sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Whether you are an avid sushi eater or new to the roaring tren we have something for you! Our menu is filled with delicious appetizers, rolls, boats, and dinners that will surely satisfy your cravings. Copyright The Sushi Bar. Calamari Xevichez Style. Tasty, Fresh and Always Safe.

Also we would like to introduce our successful new system that automatically disposes sushi -plates after a certain period of time to keep the freshness. Each dish on our menu is prepared using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Uogashi-nihonichi is best sushi bar in Tokyo,Japan. Our beef, chicken and pork are responsibly raised and hormone- and antibiotic- free.

Our beef is grass-fed and sourced from family farmers by Strauss. Come eat at this Japanese restaurant! You will find the freshest and finest sushi and sashimi in town as well as interactive Japanese hot pot dinners such as shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and yosenabe in an authentic Japanese.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Subscribe our Newsletter. The Grand Casino Hotel and Resort presents, Soto Sushi Bar.

Experience the art of Sushi, hand crafted from the freshest ingredients and flavored with a local touch. From the crowd favorite California roll to the “Grand Roll” featuring Snow Crab, Salmon and Tuna, to the finest Nigiri and Sashimi as well as a selection of hot .

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