Surstrømming challenge

Yes, they got their prizes – ww. Then tried our best to eat it. BEAST fans have spoken and the request is SURSTROMMING. This Swedish delicacy is one of the. Najbardziej oczekiwany film roku!

Osoby o słabych żołądkach niech zamkną oczy, uszy. Anyways, this can contains 300g of fermented baltic herring, as a product of hundreds of years of swedish . It is made up of herring, in a can, with just enough salt to keep it from rotting completely (it is fermented for months). Processing the fish in this fashion allows it to have a lengthy shelf life, . The Baltic herring, known as strömming in Swedish, is smaller than the Atlantic herring, found in the North Sea. Traditionally, the definition of strömming is herring fished in the brackish waters of the Baltic north of the Kalmar Strait.

Surströmming is a type of fermented Baltic Sea herring.

The herring used for surströmming. This guy promises to get his wife and daughters gifts if they can withstand the smell of this fish. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Watch with the sound on! Surstromming is Stinkiest food on the planet.

Please Like My Business Page For Our. YTFIF our lovely viewers! Today K-lee takes on The Sustromming Challenge. Thanks to the Scandi Kitchen. Poongoon TV – IRL – Twitch.

Trying to eat surstromming! If you ate this swedish fish or want to honor a friend who di then buy this shirt. Perfect shirt for your viral video with Oskars swedish . After opening the fizzing can, . McCloskey bet his family that he would take a bite of Swedish “delicacy” surstromming , a fermented herring considered one of, if not the stinkiest foods on the planet. The best part is, the entire family would get “fabulous prizes” if they stayed at the table the whole .

As a foo it is very different to a fish based meal that most people are used to, and overcoming the smell, especially on opening the can, does justify the use of . Hirtshals au Danemark, Martin Vinther et son ami Bjarni Joensen tentent de relever le défi du Surstrømning Challenge dans une caravane. Men det finnes noe som er langt sterkere enn ghost pepper, nemlig . We ALL did the Ice Bucket Challenge. It was an amazing showing of solidarity for a cause.

Grown men fallen to their knees as soon as the can is opened.