Sorghum flour

Sorghum flour is an excellent high-fiber, gluten-free flour alternative. Its benefits include fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Try these sorghum flour recipes. Take the guess work out of gluten free baking with Sweet White Sorghum Flour.

However, the growing gluten-free market has found a new use for sweet sorghum , as a popular ingredient in gluten-free flour and baking mixes.

Sorghum is a genus of flowering plants in the grass family Poaceae. Seventeen of the twenty-five species are native to Australia, with the range of some extending to Africa, Asia, Mesoamerica, and certain islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. One species is grown for grain, while many others are used as fodder plants, . Another ancient grain with a slightly sweet taste.

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The light color, texture and sweet flavor of organic sprouted sorghum flour make it a perfect fit for gluten- free baking. Organic sprouted sorghum flour , in addition to being naturally . White Whole Grain Sorghum Flour is ideal for use in most gluten free bakery items such as breads, rolls, cookies, and pie crusts. Sorghum has been a much-use much-loved grain around the world ever since it started growing in Africa 0years ago. Many different kinds of sorghum are grown, and you can find it all over the planet—in Asia, North America, and Latin America.

The United States produces the most sorghum , and . In substituting sorghum flour for wheat flour in recipes, a combination of flours often is used. It is possible to purchase already-mixed all-purpose gluten-free baking flours. Or you can mix your own — following are three substitution possibilities which include sorghum flour.

Because sorghum does not contain gluten, . Adds hearty protein and superb flavor to gluten-free baking. Evaluation of sorghum flour functionality and quality characteristics of gluten-free bread and cake as influenced by ozone treatment. Marston K(1), Khouryieh H(2), Aramouni F(3). Author information: (1)Frito-Lay, Plano, TX, . Effect of sorghum flour composition and particle size on quality properties of gluten-free bread.

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One of the most appealing characteristics of sorghum flour is its mild flavor and light color. Fenster recommends a blend she develope which includes sorghum flour , corn or potato starch, and .