Et prodrug er et legemiddel som er inaktivt i den formen som den tas. Når legemiddelet har kommet inn i kroppen omformes det til den aktive formen. Omformingen skjer ved at en del av legemiddelets kjemiske struktur forandres. A prodrug is a medication or compound that, after administration, is metabolized into a pharmacologically active drug.

Inactive prodrugs are pharmacologically inactive medications that are metabolized into an active form within the body.

Instead of administering a drug directly, a corresponding prodrug might be used . Lipophilic prodrug agents have been used to increase brain delivery of hydrophilic molecules. In both drug discovery and development, prodrugs have become an established tool for . Rautio J(1), Kumpulainen H, Heimbach T, Oliyai R, Oh Järvinen T, Savolainen J. Erratum in Nat Rev Drug Discov. A prodrug is a compound that has negligible, or lower, activity against a specified pharmacological target than one of its major metabolites. Ester and phosphate hydrolysis are widely used .

DEPT therapies of prodrugs and detatailed discussion with examples. A prodrug must undergo chemical conversion by metabolic processes before becoming an active pharmacological agent. Prodrugs are bioreversible derivatives. For example, sulfasalazine is a prodrug.

It is not active in its ingested form. It has to be broken down by bacteria in the colon into two products . Upon absorption, the drug becomes activated. This process, called bioactivation, occurs by in vivo metabolism.

Solubility, permeability and metabolic stability screening services for prodrug DMPK research. Monitor for both inactive ( prodrug ) and active metabolite. The rationale behind administering prodrugs is to optimize absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of these drugs.

Stoffwechselvorgänge in die aktive Wirksubstanz überführt wird. Depending on the substance, it may or may not possess intrinsic pharmacological activity of its own. So lässt sich die Aufnahme von schlecht absorbierbaren . Approximately of all drugs approved globally .

Within a dozen years, it was recognized that diacetylmorphine, marketed as heroin, is a prodrug of morphine. Looking for online definition of prodrug in the Medical Dictionary? However, the term prodrug was not . Meaning of prodrug medical term. Getting phosphorus into healthy shape.

These compounds pose an unusual synthetic challenge because their . To the Editor: In a recent issue of Circulation, Brown and Vaughan reviewed ACE inhibitors. They stated that captopril and lisinopril are active drugs and listed other ACE inhibitors approved in the United States that are inactive prodrugs until metabolized in the liver. More information should be provided on this clinically . Historically the term pro-drug was first introduced by Albert (2) who used the word pro-drug or pro-agent to describe compounds which undergo biotransformation prior to exhibiting their pharmacological effects.

Albert suggested that this concept could be used for many different purposes. It summarizes current experiences and strategies for the rational design of prodrugs , beginning at the early stages of the .