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Belarusian authorities vowed to prevent any large-scale demonstrations following the election (such as those that marked the Orange Revolution in Ukraine). Despite their efforts, the opposition had the largest number of demonstrators in years, with nightly protests in Minsk continuing for a number of days after the election. Lignende Oversett denne siden 24.

A protester shouts slogans and holds a poster reading “Police, come to the side of people! People will not hurt you!

March in Minsk , Belarus. About 0people took part in the protest, local media reported. MINSK , Belarus — On Friday nights, Zybitskaya street — or simply Zyba, as locals call it — turns into a vast party scene, filled with hipsters in bright shirts, tight dark jeans and black-rimmed glasses, showing how they can be carefree in a country that has been labeled the last dictatorship of Europe. Back in the BSSR (the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, as it was then known) is a showcase of Soviet . The outlawed Belarus Free Theatre puts on clandestine performances of banned plays in basements, warehouses and even in the forests on the outskirts of Minsk. Audiences are texted before a performance to meet at a secret rendezvous.

They are advised to carry their IDs in case they are caught by the . Belarusian is a language but no one in Minsk seems to speak it, most of them preferring just plain Russian.

Nine and a half million people live there, in a country about half the size of Newfoundland. UPDATE: On October 12th Alexander Lukashenko was declared the winner of the presidential election. He was also part of a delegation that met with officials at the Belarusian foreign ministry, with . The first impression I have of Minsk is still of the city built by Stalin Credit: iluhanos – Fotolia. The official from the Belarus visa section hurdles the stairs from his basement den with hostile intent.

He is clearly not happy about my repeated . In signs that Belarus is coming in from the col its Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced it will be offering visa-free travel for citizens of countries, including the United Kingdom. Visas will be waived as of next month and will cover a five- day stay in the country, providing you enter via Minsk National . The KGB headquarters in the centre of Minsk is known to locals as Amerikanka. No one is really sure how the sprawling complex got its name, but everyone in Belarus knows it is not a place you want to end up. The bustling market seems the prime spot for politicians to set out their literal and metaphorical stalls. MINSK , Belarus (JTA) — At the age of 3 Yishai Malkin and his family are leading what millions of people in the former Soviet Union would consider a charmed life.

A web designer, Malkin and his wife, an event manager, earn a combined monthly salary of $000. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are working on separating Minsk and Moscow, pushing Lukashenko . How do dictators survive? The Arab Spring has culled a few, but fewer than once predicted.

Belarus may lose the only TV channel that dares to criticize its dictator.

And that could be bad news for Lukashenko himself. Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko sits during an interview with Reuters in .