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Enjoy a new work experience with the most reliable and technologically . Stor veltesikker (ROPS) hytte. Støynivå i hytta: dB(A). Spaker integrert i setet.

By capturing the energy that normally would be lost during swing braking in a capacitor, the energy can then be used to power the swing and has energy left to . En hybrid -versjon av Komatsu velkjente PC3var en av hovedattraksjonene på årets Bauma.

Nå er den første på vei til Norge. Den hyggeligste, største og mest matnyttige nyheten for vårt marke sa gravemaskin-salgssjef Kjell Kåre Espedal da han viste oss nye Komatsu HB3på Bauma i april. For years Komatsu has been a leader in technological innovation.

As a result Komatsu has launched the new era in excavator technology with the HB205-Hybrid Excavator. As a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, Komatsu understands its commitment to addressing the increasing global . Miljøgevinstene er dermed betraktelige ettersom utslippene av NOx og COreduseres tilsvarende. Built Tough Episode – Hybrid Excavator – Duration: 4:20.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 1002.

Having already pioneered the Hybrid excavator concept with its HB21 Komatsu is again setting the. The Komatsu PC200-Hybrid is a hydraulic excavator manufactured by Komatsu Limited. At the time of its launch it was found to consume less fuel than comparable non- hybrid excavators and up to less fuel while carrying out certain . Compared with the standard PC200-hydraulic excavator, the hybrid model achieves about reduction of. The HB365LC-hybrid excavator uses fourth-generation technology to increase production capabilities.

To cope with global warming and rising fuel prices, various types of hybrid automobiles have been released in recent years. This model was upgraded to. Following 000hours of operation with the first Generation Hybrid , the HB215LC-has been improved to continue reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The HB215LC-hybrid hydraulic excavator saves an average of fuel with an equivalent reduction in COemissions vs.

Its hybrid system includes an electric swing motor, power generator motor, ultra-capacitor and a 139-hp Komatsu SAA4D107E-2-A Tier Interim diesel engine. Compared to its diesel-only counterpart, the PC360LC- 1 the Komatsu Hybrid is percent more fuel efficient. Komatsu has introduced the HB365LC- a 36-tonne hydraulic hybrid excavator to the European market. Learn more about Komatsu Hybrid Excavator HB215LC- part of Marubeni- Komatsu Ltd. Join LinkedIn today for free.

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