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Hobby horse enthusiasts from all over Finland gathered in Vantaa on Saturday for annual. For those without the time or financial means to take up horse riding, hobbyhorsing is providing a fun and quirky alternative. Unlike other equestrian endeavors, this discipline does not require a sizable investment of money and time, and the safety risks are minimal. In fact, it does not even require an actual horse.

A bizarre new hobby -horsing craze that sees teenagers riding pretend animals like real horses and competing in contests is sweeping Finland. About 10people, nearly all of them between the ages of and 1 are estimated to be involved in hobby -horsing in the country. Like a real horse and its rider, . Flere hundre deltakere samler seg for å konkurrere i mesterskapet. De konkurrerer i ni forskjellige grener.

Hobby -horsing, a sport made up mostly of Finnish teen girls, mimics traditional equestrian events, such as show jumping and dressage. But rather than ride an actual . The purpose of this website is to provide an accesible package of information where the hobbyhorse enthusiast can easily find the information that they are looking for. Competitors simulate traditional equestrian events.

Hobby Horse enthusiasts from all over Finland gathered in Vantaa for the annual championships. Hobbyhorse riders straddle a stuffed toy horse on a wooden stick – complete with glued-on eyes and mane – and compete in front of judges. Why ride the horse when you can be the horse, right? Hobbyhorse Revolution is a funny and moving film about the power of imagination and the strength of a community. Recently, a video clip of a packed championship in Finland clocked over million views showing teenage girls cantering gracefully around a course and flying . The bottom end of the stick sometimes had a small . The teen love affair with horses in Finland now has a new and unusual outlet thanks to the latest craze – hobbyhorsing.

The heart of the pastime appears to be Finland , where girls well into their teenage years are straddling a horse head mounted on a stick to take part in their own versions of the equestrian. But despite its simplicity, the centuries-old toy has become a catalyst for feminism in Finland. Hobbyhorse is a new sport taking the Scandinavian nation by storm, born out of a social media subculture among teenage girls, the . GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. De fleste av oss har galoppert over imaginære sletter i barndomsårene enten på en mor eller far som hest, eller en venninne.

Noen av oss hadde kanskje en kjepphest vi travet rundt med. Men i Finland er kjepphest-tradisjonen en . This toy has become a sub-culture in Finland that attracts the mockery of others but is also the soul of a mutually supportive community: preteens have now unofficially organised on the social networks and have decided to take a stand. The hobby horse revolution is underway. After her very delicate Laulu (Song) presented . Unique quality hobby horses from Finland. You can buy finnish handmade quality hobby horses from My Hobby Horses webshop.

Our hobby horses are one of a kind and they fit to many kind of hobby horse activities and of course to competitions. All our hobby horses have unique expression, because their eyes have been . Thousands of children and young people all around Finland are hobby horse enthusiasts. Commonly, people who no longer feel like they play with hobby horses.

In Finland , teenage girls ride hobby horses.