Havens slobber mash ingredients

It consists of flaked cereals, corn, toasted linsee wheat bran and dehydrated alfalfa, complete with extra vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it contains extra linoleic acids and soy- and sunflower oil. SLOBBER – MASH Original oats-free mash with toasted linseed meal for a purifying action and perfect appearance.

The special formula stimulates the skin, hair and hooves and has a very positive effect on the intestinal flora. Dietisk spesialprodukt som renser, stimulerer og stabiliserer hestens fordøyelse som effektivt forebygger fordøyelsesproblemer og kolikk. Lavt proteininnhold for for lav belastning av hestens stoffskifte.

Det meget høje indhold af hørfrø og klid holder maven i gang og . Havens Slobbermash – Amounts to feed? Post-ulcer treatment feeding – ingredients ? Slober Mash – Horse and Hound 13. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Problemlösaren som alla gillar! Guaranteed 1 natural ingredients.

Over different ingredients. Improves hoof and coat condition. Rytterbua hesteutstyr, God service, kjempebra utvalg!

Another happy customer – Alex Ingoe Topham who has this lovely mare in to produce for sale: Alex says:- “15. Came to me four weeks ago to prepare to sell. Had been roughed off over the winter and had no top-line or muscle.

Pavo SlobberMash is a complete feed that is easily mixed with warm water. It is especially suitable for fussy eaters and drinkers at competitions and for older horses with dental problems. Kauraton pellavansiementä sisältävä Mash rehu. Sisältää runsaasti vitamiinejä ja sulavia kuituja. Suurempi määrä linolihappoa ja auringonkukkaöljyä.

Ihanteellinen rehu hevosille, joilla on ruuansulatusongelmia tai vanhoille hevosille joilla on huonot hampaat. Slobber – Mash is een vitaminerijk structuurmengsel. Parantaa kavion ja karvanlaatua.

Rulle graanslobber met veel zemelen en lijnproducten met een zuiverende werking. Hier kun je vergelijken met. Equine Sensitive is formulated to be free from ingredients that are commonly associated with feed intolerances in horses. Ben je benieuwd wat ik er van vond?

Nou leek mij slobber wel wat. Ik heb haar eergister slobber gegeven.