Fordson dexta hydraulics manual

FRONT AXLE AND STEERING. Hydraulic Lift, Ram Cyl. Double Acting Ram Valve. The hydraulic power lift is located in the rear transmission and consists of three major assemblies, the pump, valve control gear and the ram cylinder.

The single stagc spur gear pump is mounted on a pedestal inside the rear transmission housing and is gear-driven from the power take-off shaft. You will find that it is divided into sections, each section being, as far as possible, self-containe with pages numbered consecutively within the section.

This would have a linkage fixed to a desired point. I can not find a repair manual for the hydraulic system on the super dexta. Can anyone give me a link or. The filter in your tractor is a washable one and requires the pump to be removed to get at it.

Related Parts C C C7. Fordson S Dexta hydraulic pro. On this page we have technical information, parts lists and workshop manuals you can download and use. Lift cross shaft bushes 10.

I changed the oil in the back half and run the lift several times to make sure that there was no air in the system.

I do not have a manual on this and short of taking the top off of the hydraulics and trying to see if I could find something, I thought that someone surley has run across this problem. Does anyone know of the correct type of hydraulic fluid to use and where exactly is the reservoir (in with diff?). New Holland 134D hydraulic oil or any good . Click button on the side to load Manual.

PLEASE NOTE : DEPENDING ON YOUR. Tracprez Workshop Repair Manual. Asize, spirally bound with a laminated cover. Operators Instruction Book.

FORDSON DEXTA AND SUPER DEXTA TRACTOR REPAIR SERVICE MANUAL AND PARTS MANUAL. The gasoline version of the Dexta was produced in much smaller numbers than the diesel verion. For tractors less hydraulics and P. Differential, Bevel Gears and Rear Axle.

Find the data specifications and serial numbers here to date your. I have just bought a diesel Dexta with a front loader. Brakes: differential mechanical expanding shoe.

Cab: Open operator station. Electrical: Ground: positive. Page information: Last update .