Ford 4610 4wd

Hours , equipped with ROPS and dual hydraulic remote. Gearbox Type: Floor Change. Road Speed: Dash Type: Standard. Spool Valves: Two doubles. Polen – Damasławek ( Wielkopolskie ).

Fuel Type: Diesel, Rear Tire Size: 16. Remote Hydraulics: Three. Engine Displacement: 201. Transmission Speeds: 8F-4R. Horsepower at Power Take Off: 52. Approximate Shipping Weight Lbs. Been with past owner for many years.

We specialise in used tractors and used agricultural machinery and regularly have in stock a vast range of high quality second-hand tractors and agricultural machinery including ,Diggers, Mini-Diggers from 1. Utrustad med frontvikter. Däckdimension 16Rresp. Check out our inventory of used tractors, compact tractors, and tractor loaders!

Traktor type: Traktor – Landbruk, Effekt: 4kW (hk), Serie nr. Tractors for sale in Ireland. Interested in buying products? Want to know more about the prices or order directly?

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Växellådan är manuell och motorn på 61hk drivs med diesel. Se ägare i Bilregistret! Spara Stor text Skriv ut . Tierod End LH Thread 22mm.

Hei, Perälevyn kanssa meinaa mennä hermot kaltevassa maastossa. Mistä ja mihin hintaan tuohon koneeseeni sais hydraulisen kaltevuudensäätimen. Minkälainen asennusrupeama sen käyttöönsaamisessa on? Why Not Plant Some of Your land With Trees?

Most New Forests attract €5per Hectare, Yearly. Tyvärr är det inga bukplåtar på den så man får ju vara lite försiktig. Har en tons bmf med 6kran med utskjut. Funkar helt ok men har haft funderingar på att skaffa en pump att hänga .