Excavator simulator

Provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable training method before operators train on actual machines. Rich graphics and authentic controls create a virtual world for the operator to experience training exercises such as a Machine. The track excavator offers a full-scale training tool for the education of excavator operators.

Containing a full simulator with realistic audio and visual display, it provides self-instructive exercises that portray real-life construction environments. A complete guide with database logging allows for monitored feedback by the .

Do you love that moment when the engine starts and that rich diesel sound fills the air? Do you yearn for the feeling of power that flows through you as the hard steel of the bucket digs into the earth. A Digger Simulator Developer: Cape Copenhagen Publisher: rondomedia GmbH Genre: Simulation. Learn to load and secure the trench box to the machine, move into position and properly lower the pipe into the.

Highly detaile realistic lessons teach proper operator technique and machine controls. After completing each lesson, operators receive immediate feedback based on their performance. Our excavator simulator works with joysticks, replica controls, or a new realistic operator chair.

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This technology has been . From the experience of driving a bulldozer simulator to being a professional crane operator and . Discover our training solutions. Skills are developed progressively by subjecting the trainee to general, specific and emergency Training Scenarios. Operator errors are recorded and reported. It has an integrated motion platform and has been designed using genuine Hitachi parts to provide a true-to-life experience.

Want to try it for yourself? Find out more about hiring or purchasing an excavator simulator by contacting your local dealer or HCME directly. Developed by Oryx Simulations, our excavator simulator is . Through simulation modules, real excavator original equipments and various scenarios, operators have a . Excavator Training Simulator. The Hitachi excavator simulator (based on ZX250-6) is an ideal tool for providing basic and advanced operator training.

The mini excavator simulator (Mini-X) is a scaled down version of and excavator that looks and operates like the real thing. The joystick controls can be interchanged between both CAT and John Deere control configurations. Digging, Breaking, Cutting.

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Destroy builds , load to dump truck. The visual system of an excavator simulator has been developed in this paper for training human operators and evaluating control strategies for heavy-duty. The virtual work-site features a dynamic terrain with lifelike situations and material in twelve modules of increasing difficulty.

Thirty-seven indicators are precisely measured to. Volvo announced in April that it offers a wheel loader, excavator , and articulated haul-truck simulator in various formats from a higher end (cab on a hydraulic motion platform) .