Caraway vs cumin

We get this question a lot: What is the difference between cumin seeds and caraway seeds? They look almost the same! Chowhound Restaurants, Quebec food community. Join the discussion today.

Do you know Cumin seeds are a first cousin of carrot and parsley?

Cumin are not just first cousin of carrot and parsley but they are also a visual twin of the caraway seed. Cumin , anise, and dill are other look-alike seeds with very different flavors. Anise and fennel have very similar flavors, and can be substituted for each other. Caraway and dill are likewise similar in flavor. Cumin has a flavor different from any of the above.

I am including pictures of fennel, caraway , anise, . Due to its appearance cumin may be confused with the caraway see but despite their similar appearance. Having similarities between caraway and cumin , people often get confused about whether caraway and cumin are the same.

The difference between the two is that cumin seeds are straighter. Both seeds have pungent aromas. The smell of cumin is strong and spicy-sweet with a hint of acridity. The caraway, on the other han is also sharply spicy, but . Karve heter caraway på engelsk, kümmel på tysk, kummin på svensk, kommen på dansk og siya jeera på indisk. Spisskum (Cuminum cyminum) er spisskarve.

Et annet, og mindre forvirrende engelsk navn på spisskum er roman caraway. Hi Just wondering if there is a difference between caraway and cumin seeds? Cumin is not only a culinary spice but also a natural herbal remedy capable of treating certain diseases or health problems. We will comment on properties of cumin and caraway which are recognized by the scientific community.

When it comes to nutritional supplements that you are going to put into your body, accurate botanical classification is critical. There is a common mistaken conception that Black Cumin seed is Nigella. The photos below clearly show they are two distinctly different plant seeds. Packages of Cumin Seed and Cumin Powder Spices in top right photo. Official USDA name: Spices, caraway seed.

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Thought it would be neat to photograph the different seeds from the apiaceae- family that I have in my kitchen. In case I lost all labels. Edit: made a typo in this photo, anise should be aniseed. Lees meer over deze verschillende zaadjes: karwij, komijn, anijs enzo.

All about spices: Carraway See Cardamom, . Use caraway seeds in place of cumin. Cumin and caraway are both in the parsley family.