The fandom adopted the name brony (plural bronies ), a portmanteau of bro and pony. Though initially considered to propagate the humorous and ironic concept of people enjoying a show for young girls, the fandom has shown deeper appreciation for the show far beyond this concept, and is considered part of a New . Bronies:_The_Extremely_Unexpect. The film, funded through crowd-sourcing via Kickstarter, was originally . Post your own pony here! There will be no more ponies in ponyland! Grogar in The Return of Tambelon As he appeared.

The table can be sorted by clicking the icon in one of the top row cells. My Little Pony: The Next Generation is a side series that follows Absolverse Next Generation. At first it was centered around a small fan community, but as it grew its focus changed to appeal to all ages. Often male, but female fans are not uncommon. Catch up on all the episodes.

Check out BronyMate Brony Dating Site. Thank you Ever Free News for writing about BronyMate. When the show first aire a few men took notice of the show. These men dubbed themselves and the adult fandom in general bronies. Unfortunately, the adult male fandom is a toxic misogynistic community with a persecution complex.

This category and pages in it are used by editors, and are not part of the main content. Although originally written for young girls, Friendship Is Magic has developed a large and unexpected cult following among men (nicknamed bronies – women are pegasisters after pegasus ) in their 20s and 30s. This demographic has become a controversial cultural phenomenon, generating debate . It was a post that brought some bronies to tears. Not out of sorrow of course, but out of intense laughter. For many outsiders, the world of bronies is a confusing one.

Marsha Redden decided to dive . Some adult fans of the show are known as bronies , a portmanteau of the words bro and ponies, for male fans, and pegasister, a portmanteau of the words pegasus and sister for . Der Ursprung der Brony Fangemeinde liegt maßgeblich in dem Imageboard 4chan begründet, in dem die ersten Memes und Bilder der Serie aufgekommen sind. Das Interesse erwachsener Zuschauer an „My little Pony – Friendship is Magic“ wird meist auf die Animationen, die Charaktere oder den . Although the series is intended for young girls, the show reached out to an older audience. What exactly is a brony, you ask? A brony is a general neutral term for people above the age of thirteen .