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Llamas are like dogs and alpacas are like cats—plus other factors to help determine if one of these cuties is right for you. Meet Chewpaca, the pet alpaca. I hope you guys enjoy this video.

This guy has a pet alpaca and it looks like absolute chaos. Pet alpacas can serve the small farm owner in a number of ways, and are often easier to care for than more traditional livestock such as sheep or goats. People often ask the question whether alpacas can be pets.

When people come to our farm they are often expecting our alpacas to run up and want to be pet and hugged. If you have questions about owning alpacas as pets , we have the. When formulating a proper diet for alpacas , water and hay analysis should be performed to determine the proper vitamin and mineral supplementation program. Two options are to provide free choice . Most teenagers beg their parents for a dog or a cat or maybe a hamster.

But Matt, a 13-year-old living in the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia, really wanted a pet alpaca. From our initial years of experience we have begun to draw together, in simple language, some things we all need to know about alpacas (what, why, how and when). Just click on a link to explore the information!

The Internet loves an alpaca named Chewy who lives in Adelaide, Australia.

A llama or alpaca can make a great addition to the family. You can now take them at this farm in Manitoba, Canada. Alpacas make excellent pets. Find alpaca ads in our Livestock category.

Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. His owner, Matt, wanted a dog, but his mom said it would require too much maintenance, so he got an alpaca instead. The boy and his three-year-old pet live in Adelaide, Australia, where they became local celebrities and do everything together. Unfortunately, those who went ahead keeping alpacas for profit, outlaying thousands for top breeders in the hope that they would get rich quick have found that this has not been so, and the price of alpacas has become far more affordable for those who just want to keep alpacas as pets or raising alpacas for wool.

Compass alpaca farm on Christmas Eve and picked Chewy, Matt told the Gold Coast Bulletin. He was the smallest one there. Our alpacas are from high quality bloodlines.

We have many award winning alpacas for sale as well as some pet quality alpacas (not in our breeding program). They are all healthy and soun ARI registere comfortable . Welcome to our reality-check site. Our hope is only that you make an informed decision. Kristen Rough here holds the alpaca as it receives treatment from vet David Oswald.

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